• jonathangoodwin

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for help with a problem I'm having. I'm using PD & GEM on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

    I'm using a playstation controller (mapped with HID external) to trigger pre-produced digital movies with GEM. This all works fine except for one thing.

    I want it so that when you switch between movies, they pause - so that when you go back to them they are in the same place as before.

    At the moment, every time you open a movie to play, they go back to the beginning which is really frustrating me! I wouldn't mind, if the pause thing wasn't possible, if the movies just carried on looping in the background so that when you go back to them they are in a different place...I just don't want them to start over every time!

    Please help...somebody!lol!


    P.s. I've attatched my ongoing patch for inspection!


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  • jonathangoodwin

    The best place to ask a question like this is on the PD mailing list, they have been very helpful with my first forays into PD and GEM.


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