• jonasbass

    Hey guys, I have two question which could mean th same thing:


    So, how can I build something to control one value by a numberbox input and a slider input. The other one should be updated to the new value, too.

    The other one is a bit more complex.
    I've programmed a delay which I want to play kind of like as a sampler. So for example to go 1 Octave up I multiply the delaytime by 2. I use a line object which gets the middle of the start and the destination delaytime to fit perfectly into one delayloop. That works fine.
    Now the problem. I want to take the momentary delaytime to calculate my line stuff, but in the same time the delay time should be updatet to control my whole delay patch.
    So I have a Overflow again...
    do you have suggestions how to solve the problem?

    Thanks already :-)


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  • jonasbass

    Don't know what happened but after the 4th time trying the same it just worked now...
    Is it possible that the installation does different things when it's running several times?

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  • jonasbass

    Sorry for my imprecise question...
    The installation is running through, seems to work well but afterwards...
    I just can't find pd on the device. How should I be able to launch it?

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  • jonasbass

    Hey guys,
    I tried to install PureData on my new RaspberryPi to set up my PiSound (http://blokas.io/)
    They suggest to just give sudo apt-get install puredata but it seems not to work.
    How did you install PD on your Raspberry?
    Thanks a lot :)

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  • jonasbass

    Thx a lot,

    Unfortunately there's another problem.The only Video I can load into pix_film seems to be with the following Codec:

    GEM Videocodec.png

    All the other formats I tried didn't work. But I need to play Videos from different smartphones.

    GEM Videocodec not working3.png GEM Videocodec not working2.png GEM Videocodec not working.png

    In the manuals I read it seems like it should be possible to play most formats which I can play back with VLC player.

    How can I fix this problem?

    Thx a lot!!!

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  • jonasbass

    Hey girls and guys,

    can you help me with following problem?

    I did this easy patch and when I hit auto, it needs a second to start but then it's smooth.
    If I want to scroll through the frames with the number box, sometimes the movie jumps a little bit, but doesn't follow my input at all.

    I'm using the latest download of PD extended on WIndows 8.
    Do you need more information?

    Do you know this problem? Can you help me with it?

    Thx already!!


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