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    Just wanted to let somebody know, there seems to be a bug with part_color. It seems to ignore the 4th argument (alpha value). I can see from the code how this happens, as line 56 of part_color.cpp is:

    pColorD(1.0f, PDLine, m_color1[0], m_color1[1], m_color1[2], m_color2[0], m_color2[1], m_color2[2]); 

    which clearly doesn't make any reference to m_color1[3] or m_color2[3] (the alpha values passed into the object.

    Apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this, but couldn't find anywhere better given the limited time I have.



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  • JohnnyDMonic


    I am after a bit of advice regarding GEM and how to extend it using externals. Is it possible to do in the normal way (as described on the website)?

    I have downloaded the entire source code for PD and GEM, in order that I can take an existing object and change it to suit my purposes, but I'm not sure how to compile it without rebuilding the entire GEM library. I was hoping it could be possible just to compile my new object as a singular entity.

    The new object I need is one which is very similar to part_vertex, except that instead of generating a new particle for every render frame, I need it to only generate a particle if it receives a bang message. Maybe there is already some other way of doing it?

    Hope someone can help.

    Many thanks,


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