• jo

    Thank you for the direction. I opened the file as a text doc and was able to find the error.

    In case anyone comes across a similar problem, my error was caused by the [playlist] object from the "unauthorized" external. Apparently, changing the [playlist] canvas size via the 'Properties' windows was causing major problems.

    Thanks again for you help!

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  • jo

    Hello All,
    I am receiving a long error when opening my patch today. Everything seemed to be working well this morning, but upon returning to the project, I receive a long error in the Pd window:

    (Tcl) INVALID COMMAND NAME: invalid command name "1994"
    while executing
    ("uplevel" body line 56)
    invoked from within
    ... plus a few more similar lines...

    My GUI will no longer function properly and I am missing some objects (bangs, toggles, hslider).

    When searching for 'Find last error' the message returns as 'no findable error yet.'

    Using PD 51.4 w/Rosetta, M2 MacBook.

    Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks!

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  • jo

    Unfortunately, I could not get [ffplay~] to work. Followed the install instructions via Pd51 and Pd54 with no success. Error reads: /usr/local/opt/libsamplerate/lib/libsamplerate.0.dylib' (no such file)...

    With [readyanysf~] and [ffplay~] not working, are there any other options for MP3 playback on MacOS M2?

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  • jo

    Thanks all.

    I also don't know much about compiling/haven't had success with the process. Does anyone have a good tutorial for compiling outdated externals for MacOS (M2)?

    Rosetta 2 is a nice option for now. It's currently running some of my old patches using Pd 51.4. I am using the [playlist] object again, which is a huge help.

    And thank you for the correction regarding [readanysf~]. Please let me know if anyone has a recommendations for a multi-format file player (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) on MacOS.


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  • jo

    I recently upgraded from an Intel Mac (32-bit) to an M2 (64-bit). This caused the loss of the Unauthorized external, including the [playlist] and [readanysf~] objects.

    Is there an updated version of Unauthorized that is available for 64-bit Mac, or has this external been abandoned?

    Otherwise, is there an alternative to the [playlist] or [readanysf~] objects? Or is it possible to compile these objects for MacOS?

    Apologies if this has already been asked. I attempted to find some documentation, but have so far been unsuccessful.

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