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    I found this patch- And it workds great but why do i always get the error:

    trigger i: bad type


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    Dear all,
    I am working on a video mixer and have a very basic problem. I am on a i7 Win8 machine with a good graphic card. The played files
    are .mov 1920px x 1080px files (max. 6000kbit with 23,976fps)

    So my patch hat 2 chains:
    chain 1: [gemhead 2] -> [open videofile] -> [pix_film] -> [pix_mix 0] -> [pix_texture] -> [rectangle 9 4]
    chain 2: [gemhead 2] -> [open videofile] -> [pix_film] -> [pix_mix 0] -> [pix_texture] -> [rectangle 9 4]

    Everything works fine and fluent. Expcept in one situation: If file 1 is playing and then you load file 2 (without moving the
    slider) you can see that file1 ist stopped (for around 1sec) and the plays on.

    I also tried the same thing with alpha. But it was the same behaviour. I thought it was this short time when opening a new file and thet
    produced the short stops - could be solved by using sth. like [pix_buf] or [pix_seperate] but this was not the solution.

    I can not figure out what the problem is, has anybody a hint? Could it be an encoding problem?


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