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    My first post here, yay! Pd-L2Ork builds as of late have been very distro specific for reasons unknown to me. We are currently using Ubuntu 15.10 and given it is not an LTS release, this may have something to do with it. At any rate, what may help solve your problem is building the entire thing from scratch which boils down to 2 commands:

    1. installing dependencies found at pd.l2ork.org (big yellow box--you may find some dependencies may have a different package name on your distro, these are Ubuntu and possibly Debian-specific)

    2. running the script tar_em_up.sh (as per instructions below on that same page)

    Depending on how fast your CPU may be, you will need to wait anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours for the entire thing to compile, after which you will have a deb to install from there. This will ensure that the Gem library has been built against your specific OS libraries.

    If you encounter installing the newly built package, let me know and we will investigate how to make control file more malleable (something we need to address anyhow).

    BTW, pd-l2ork is not Linux-only anymore. Thanks to Jonathan's hard work, we now have alpha builds for OSX and Windows. Hope this helps!

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