• Ice-Ice

    Hi @timothyschoen! I was on 0.7.1, didn't know 0.8 was out. Just downloaded it and now it all works. Thanks a lot!

    However, there are 2 things:
    I had to add all downloaded externals to Paths again. That is, they were still in the original folders, but I had to add them manually in the Paths menu. Is there a way for future installers so they retain the data for Paths from an earlier installation when updating? Or how can I preserve this manually when the next update comes?

    I can't create objects from the Objects Browser. The objects are highlighted when hovering the mouse over them, but they don't react to mouse clicks or pressing Return. No biggie as I usually just use shortcuts.

    I love this project by the way! It brought me back to pd after a year in Max.

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  • Ice-Ice

    Assuming this thread is a good place for general discussion of PlugData:

    I am on Windows 10. I can't set all array properties through messages.
    From the ones I tested, [style $1( and [edit $1( work. [color $1( and [width $1( do not.
    Is there anything I am missing here?
    Screenshot (1071).png

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