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    @EvilBird said:

    Hi katjav,

    This patch sounds great. I was looking for a nice verb to use on an iOS app, so first I want to ask what the license is (BSD/GNU)? Second, I wasn't getting much contrast in the verb sound across the range 0-1 for values of the damping parameter. I added a vcf~ object after the output with Q=1 and center frequency in the range of 200-20000 Hz, then synced this with the damping control. This produced a nice range of verb colorations, but I was wondering if there's anything I might be missing about the patch that would cause damping not to work? Thanks!

    I am also interested in whether or not I can use this in an app?

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    nevermind I think i figured it out based on the order of unpack/pack. I didnt realize it was always right to left

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    I have a group of floats i.e. [1 2 3 4 5 (

    I have to process these floats to create new values.

    So I use unpack to extract each item... I apply some function to 1 some function to 2 etc etc...

    For example.

    Say 1 gets multiplied by 2 . 2 gets divided by 3, 4 gets divided by 10...

    I now have a new list of values that I have derived from the original list...(they are all seperate objects) this is where my problem arrises. I want to pack these items to send them to another functions, however they all must arrive at the same time! when I use pack, the first items triggers pack regardless of if the next calculation is complete. What i need to do is this.

    Each item in the list [1 2 3 4 5 ( must complete its following calculations and then be repacked and sent to the next part of the chain.) The next part of the chain unpacks the corresponding values. Only once all the values are recieved should the unpack commence.

    If this is confusing here is an example.

    [1 2 3 4 5 (

    unpack f1 f2 f3 f4 f5

    f12 = x1
    3 = x2
    f34 = x3
    10 = x4
    f5*0 = x5

    pack x1 x2 x3x4 x5 -> outlet

    in a seperate abstraction: inlet -> unpack... now what I need is to unpack only after all the calcuations are finished. Does anyone know how to do this? Should i not use pack?

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    Hi Liam!

    thanks for your help and advice!

    I will try what you said, however would there be a way to start the playback with vline~ or line~ and then once it has reached a certain point start looping with phasor from that point? so that when I press a key the sample starts (say it goes from 0 to 500 with vline or line) at point 500 I would like it to start looping from 500 to 1000 and continiously loop until the key is released. Could I achieve this using phasor and switch or do you recommend another method?

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    Hi All!

    this is my first post and I am pretty new to Pure Data.

    I am trying to make a sample based synth - The initial sample needs to play from the begining, arrive at a certain point and then contionusly loop until the key is released. I have successful done this with tabplay as it has an outlet that is triggered when the tabplay is finished, however I cannot pitch with tablay so I must use tabread/tabread4. However using the phasor~ object I can only loop a specific section and using line~ I cannot loop. What I need to do is have somethign like line or vline play the file until sample (x) is reached, when (x) is reached the file must loop between (x) and (y - another sample point).

    Please let me know if anyone knows how to do this :)

    Thank You

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