• Garmonbozia

    Hey I'm a new PD user here, and I'm really excited about learning PD. I have idea's that i'm really looking forward to trying out and sharing with the community when I can learn it. Now I got PDE installed on windows just fine, but I'm trying to use Ubuntu as my primary OS now, and I can't for the life of me get it installed. Now I did a search in the forums and I did stumble across a post that addressed a similar issue as my own, but it was regarding 11.04 and it just didn't help and I kept getting errors, such as filed to install this or failed to remove. Anyways, I know that you can install Vanilla PD through the repositories, and I did that and it worked just fine, but I want PDE! lol Anyone have any luck installing it for 11.10 yet? Can anyone help?

    I should add that I'm new to using Ubuntu, but I'm enjoying the experience which is why I'm trying to build my DAW around it. I basically want to move to using Renoise as my primary workstation. Both PD and Renoise are available for windows I know, but I'm just really enjoying Ubuntu and would like to minimize the amount of times I open Windows. :)

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  • Garmonbozia

    Oh my god thank you so much for this link. It looks freaking awesome on my Kindle and it's like having the actual book! This is a powerful resource to have available for free!

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