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    I‘d like to program interactive/ncurses-style command line interfaces for some of my pd patches. It’s been a few years (around 12) since I learned some basic programming skills (mostly web-related: php and MySQL, some python, a bit of C#). I read a bit about libpd, ncurses, and some other cli-libraries but couldn’t figure out which language would be most suitable.
    Ultimately it’s mostly about midi sequencer/controller patches, so I also thought about not utilising pd/libpd at all and do everything in c/c++/… but i also have some dsp patches I’d like to use in a terminal and generally really enjoy programming in pd, so… I’m indecisive and feel lost in this great world of programming languages.
    Can you point me in some directions, maybe some resources (tutorials, beginner-friendly documentation, etc) and share your insights or thoughts about my endeavour? That would be great, thanks!

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    Hey there! I'm trying to find a good and versatile midi controller for pd in general, to get more tactile and hands-on controls for different patches. While researching I stumbled upon lots of different controllers in different price ranges, starting with fader/pot controllers like the korg nanokontrol or novation launchcontrol (xl), midi keyboards like the arturia keylab/minilab and akai mpk (mini), or endless encoders like behringer x-touch (mini), faderfox uc4/ec4, or the intech grid controllers.
    I'm always struggling with decisions and therefore thought about asking for your experiences. I'm especially worried about multi mapping the controls to different pages/layers and how the controllers behave if the pot/encoder is in a different position. so if you'd like to talk a bit about your experiences with midi controllers, what works best for you, what you think is important to consider, and how you implement midi controllers in your patches and/or performances, I'd be very thankful!
    Kind regards, f.

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