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    Thank you. I found a discussion so I'll check that out. I'll have to take a decision here because I'd like to be consistent in my patches regarding the use of namespaces and external objects.

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    Hello. I'm having some trouble trying to load zexy and iemlib into PD Vanilla 0.46-7. I had no problems compiling and installing cyclone from https://github.com/electrickery/pd-cyclone. It works fine. So I tried installing iemlib and zexy from https://github.com/iem-projects/pd-iem using their binaries but there's something wrong going on. When I turn on "verbose" under path preferences, PD seems to be looking for a file with the same name as the object I'm trying to use. Using [zexy/multiplex] in a patch gives:

    tried ~/Library/Pd/zexy/multiplex.d_fat and failed
    tried ~/Library/Pd/zexy/multiplex.pd_darwin and failed
    tried ~/Library/Pd/zexy/multiplex/multiplex.d_fat and failed

    But there's no multiplex.d_fat only zexy.d_fat. Same with iemlib, there's no dollarg.d_fat or dollarg.pd_darwin only iem_mp3.d_fat, iem_t3_lib.d_fat, iemlib1.d_fat, and iemlib2.d_fat. I'm guessing these files are where the externals were compiled in.

    I tried using deken and iemlib installs the .pd_darwin files but I guess this is an older version(?) and zexy is still installing zexy.d_fat so I can't load its objects.

    I also tried loading the lib "zexy/zexy" under startup preferences and it loads ok but then I get messages like:

    warning: class 'abs~' overwritten; old one renamed 'abs~_aliased'

    and I seem to loose namespace functionality, I can no longer refer to [zexy/multiplex] and need to use only [multiplex], which I guess is the correct behaviour.

    How does PD know how to look for objects on files with different names?

    Any advice?

    This thread is marked as solved http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/9677/having-trouble-with-deken-plugin-and-zexy-library-solved and sounds like a similar problem but I haven't been successful.

    I hope my english doesn't suck.


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