• exciter

    Ok here are my results:

    Tried it yesterday two times. As i said before i already tried it the way Joerg described in his 2nd post. My first try yesterday ended up with the message that synaptic couldn't find the specified package-folder in the apt directory. Don't know if there was a mistake made by me. Anyway. For my second and last try i copied @Joerg said:

    deb http://apt.puredata.info/releases maverick main

    straight out of joergs post and pasted it in the synaptic dialog for adding other software repositories. Hit Enter ... all went fine. Reload packages .... and SUCCESS!!! Package for the extended version was available for installation.

    Welcome PD-extended on natty narwhal :-)


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  • exciter

    Hi Jörg,

    hab es genauso versucht wie du schon in deinem vorangegangenen Post geschrieben hast und jetzt auch noch nochmal mit deiner Antwort bestätigt. Aber alles was ich dann bekomme von Synaptic ist eine Fehlermeldung über ein defektes Paket was bereits installiert (betrifft irgendwelche libs und nicht direkt PD) ist und erst entfernt werden müsste. Leider weiß ich noch nicht wie. Muss nochmal schauen um was es sich dabei handelt. Werde es einfach nochmal so probieren. Puredata (normal) ist schon durch Ubuntu-Studio vorhanden. Einige Erweiterungen dadurch auch schon bei Synaptic mit erfasst.
    Einzige Lösung für mich die Extended laufen zu lassen ist per Wine die Windows Version zu nehmen. Funktioniert soweit ganz gut, hab aber den Eindruck das es nicht ganz so flüssig läuft.

    Danke für deine Antwort

    -> english

    i tried it the way you wrote but all i get is an error message that says there is a defective package that has to uninstalled. But i dont know how i have to do this. The normal version of PD is installed because i use UbuntuStudio. I'll try it again and have a look on what i have to uninstall maybe this will do it.
    My solution to run PD extended atm is to run the WinEdition over wine. Not that smooth IMO but runs fine.

    Thanks for your answer.

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  • exciter

    Hi Joerg,

    could you please be more specific on what you have done in the synaptic packages? I'm also on natty and dont get it to work. I changed the path to maverick as you said before but i get an error message when ubuntu tries to download the package.

    Hope you can help me.

    Christian d(o_O)b

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  • exciter

    hi ... i know the thread is outdated but i'm new to pd and to the forum so ... ;-)

    nice stuff what syntax has uploaded *damn* thats what i'm looking for. freakynerd_sounds how i love them. i'll have a look at his patches.

    so long!!

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  • exciter

    uh.... nice! i'll have a look at this patch @home


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