• evasilev

    i'm new with pd and gem
    what i'm trying to do is may be very simple or complex but till now i didn't manage to do this patch.

    I want to devide gem screen into 400 diferent images which i load from hard disk and whitch names are consecutive numbers (1,2,3 ... jpg)

    I manage to load them with object [pix_multiimage] and then try to visualise them with [pix_texture] but it seem that they didn't came like sparate once but just in one square whitch i can change on [bang].

    How can I make such process that can load all images one after another with diferent position.

    I hope all this make sence ...

    and 10x

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  • evasilev

    i'm using just one pix_texture object and i want to automate the process that creates 400 difetent images with only this pix_texture

    otherwise it will be hard job to make 400 diferent pix_texture by hand !

    so any ideas ?

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