• eva

    Hi Jon,

    I'm trying to do something incredibly similar with Pd - I also have a sound installation with 8 speakers which I want to control via a patch.

    In my installation I have lots of little snippets of sound which I want to play one after the other, so that the sound 'jumps' across speakers in a pre-planned order - do you have any idea how I could adapt your patch to do this?

    I'm having a similar issue as well, in that I would like other students/staff to be able to run the installation without having to open pure data and activate a bang or something similar. I don't quite understand how your file works - what exactly would I need to do in order to have pure data open and my sound files to start playing? I'm not sure what version of windows I'll be working with as a friend is lending me a computer for my sound piece.

    Thanks for any help and advice you can give!

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