• emviveros

    I've been thinking about Camomile to interact with DAWs.

    Camomile make possible create DAW plugins (VST, AU, LV2) that can run Pd patches inside the DAW. https://github.com/pierreguillot/Camomile

    In the last beta version you can open Pd and use all externals stuff from Pd just like Max4Live.

    I don't know a tutorial, but Camomile have a compreensible documentation.

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  • emviveros

    The next new version of Pd have [trace] object.

    Captura de Tela 2021-12-12 às 10.59.13.png

    You can download the test version of Pd 0.52-0 in:

    Maybe it helps...

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  • emviveros

    I wrote a patch to document a little pdjs external in:

    Open to contributions.

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  • emviveros

    I write a complement to pdjs help:

    It's open to contributions

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  • emviveros

    Ok! I realize pdjs have special __global__ variable. With it I can share variables, functions and objects between [js] instances.

    Reading the scripts and patch in test-jsobjects folder compreension of how to do can be achieved.

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  • emviveros

    I read V8 documentation about modules but export sintax won't compile. There's a way to assign the script to module like html does with <script type="module"> ?

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  • emviveros

    Trying to understand how to import functions and objects from another js file with pdjs by @mganss, but I can't figure how!


    var o = {foo: 0};
    // var req = require("test_require.mjs");
    function bang() {
        post("o.foo =", o.foo);
        post("foo =", foo);
        post('req.bar =', req.bar);
        post('req.bar() =', req.bar());


    const foo = 37;
    function bar () {
        post("require bar");

    Captura de Tela 2021-06-21 às 01.16.07.png

    Pd Console:

    Captura de Tela 2021-06-21 às 01.17.32.png

    Thanks any advance!

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  • emviveros

    So I think new Pure Data Floss requires:

    1. a new intro
      1.1 Pd creation history
      1.2 Pd forks and Vanilla externals
    2. Update Tutorials keeping externals

    something more?

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  • emviveros

    I think better is to update all content to Pd-Vanilla. Including installing externals and so on.

    If is interesting for the community open a new Floss with name Purr-data and adapt archive floss to Purr-Data. It avoid noise about what Pure Data is. In my point of view Pure Data is Pd-Vanilla. Make sense?

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  • emviveros

    @oid I can see the importance of Pd Floss stay updated, but I don't mind how to access it to edit. I'm asking a friend which make the portuguese translation, but I don't know anything new right now.

    If somebody knows how to edit floss, we can make a new effort to update it. Now I'm thinking more in:

    1. provide better documentation inside official Pd envyronment, which includes pd-help-patches/html ways to reference pd docs offline and online with multi-language support,
    2. reorganize puredata.info to update infos about unofficial tutorials and
    3. ways to access online References from Pd.

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