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    when i do a search and then read through the posts given as results, the links to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. pages of results always bring me back to the first page. is this only me, or is this a forum bug ?

    thanx for your help

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    hi all,

    to get started creating my real time video mixer using pd, i've downloaded and installed dedicated externals such as Framestein and PixelTango so that I can have a glance at the pre-made patch examples. But whenever I try to open one of the PixelTango patches, pd just shuts down without any notice nor error message. I'm running win xp home on a laptop with intel pentium m processor (1500 MHz) and 1 go RAM.

    can anybody help ?

    thanx in advance,


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    hello all,

    i'd be interested in displaying the fps of my gem output, but can't get Belfegor's solution to work (and not understanding it completely i'm afraid..)

    if anyone is willing to help, that'd be real nice !
    thanks in advance,

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    hi !

    the screen captures help to get an idea of what your patch is meant to do... and it reminds me sooooooo much of Servovalve's stuff (especially the 4th pic you've posted !)

    anyway, i'll download and give it a try, it definitely looks interesting to me !

    for my part, i'm working on creating my own customized video mixer with GEM for the moment. I've posted the patch in the topic about pixeltango as it's a follow-up to this thread, if you wanna have a look too. (Still quite basic at the moment, I'm trying to figure out the different controls I can use on the videos, and I hope to connect it to my midi controller soon..)

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    hmm. guess that shouldn't be too difficult... for my part, so far, I'm using the alpha channel of the pix_texture to make the video visible or not, but if you don't need any transparency and just want to have one video or the other showing, you could maybe use a kind of selector with a radio ?

    you can try the attached patches (playVideo is the main one and selectVideo is the one where you prepare your video selection, and indicate the paths to the video files you wand to load).

    let me know if you find it helpful.


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    hello again !

    well, I've tried it and it works well, indeed, but it's still very very basic at the moment, and I need to focus on some other stuff right now so I'll let you know more as soon as I get back into it.

    here's the patch at this early stage.. not much to see though, but I guess I'll work on it quicker with your feedback if any of you wishes to have a look and give me advice on what I could do to make it better...

    oh, and by the way, I've started looking into the texture environment mode, but it's not very clear to me how this works, so far... once I select one of the blending modes, it remains visible on all the videos even if I turn off the video on which it's set by turning its alpha down to zero.


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    cool. i'll have a look soon.

    and cgc, I started creating my own video mixer, adding controls after pix_texture and before the Geo object, and it works just fine. thanx !

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    does anyone know of something similar under win?

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    hi all.

    for a project we're working on at the moment, we've been looking for a usb video composite capture card that would work with pd/GEM on Linux OS. we bought a Pinnacle PCTV USB2 that works fine on Linux with the usbvision driver, but somehow crashes GEM. we've posted the error log on the pd and gem-dev list, with no luck until now. so here it is again in case someone around here can help :

    we want to use [pix_video] with a USB video capture device (Pinnacle PCTV USB2). But when we send [1( to [pix_video], pd says :

    GEM: Start rendering
    pix_videoNEW: starting transfer
    cap: name Pinnacle PCTV USB 2 type 3 channels 3 maxw 720 maxh 576 minw 48 minh 32
    picture: brightness 32896 depth 21571 palette 8
    channel 0 name Television type 1 flags 1
    channel 1 name Composite1 type 2 flags 0
    channel 2 name S-Video type 2 flags 0
    setting to channel 1
    closing video
    pix_texture: not using client storage

    and all that we can see is a white rectangle.

    XTerm is saying : VIDIOCGMBUF: Invalid argument

    When we stop rendering with [0(, pd crashes.

    we're on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS with Pd 0.39-2 / GEM 0.90. The USB video capture device is a Pinnacle PCTV Analog USB2

    we had no trouble for getting the box to work with the video4linux drivers.
    It works well with TVTime, but not with GEM. It seems everything goes well (using pix_videoNEW, listing the video channels, choosing the good one), and then this message "closing video". Why ?

    we've tried the patch on Windows XP and have no problems with [pix_video] with this video capture device.

    Any ideas ?

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    thanx for your help, nestor. i've figured this out with [ctlin] ... will continue digging in this way... be ready, i'm coming with loads of questions (as the pd-list page seems to be buggy tonight.. I can't get it to display !)


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