• damiensko

    I'm a newbie too.
    My wish is the same as yours : I'm working on a "cinema-concert".

    So, I've got a film ( black and white ), I load it in Gemhead, I play it, and that I want is to generate data from variations of this film ( real-time black and white analysis ; real-time brightness analysis ; number of pixels .... ).
    After that, I'd want to set up these data's variations for audio effects controlling through MIDI.

    I've ever put pix_info in my patch.
    First, it don't analys that I want from the film.
    Second, it's not real-time ( I mean, it generates one info and after nothing )

    I've found some infos about motion analysis on the net, but people get often oder softwares for to make these real-time datas.

    I hope my english is not too bad, and that someone can help me.

    Many thanks in advance,

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