• damaru

    Hi there,

    I am new to puredata and wanted to have some knobs in my patches. So I am trying to install moonlib and I am unsure what to do.

    I download and copied the files here :


    I've added


    in the binaries to load at next startup

    and I even tried to add the path and lib to the .pdrc only to alway get the dreaded

    can't load library

    in the pd startup window.

    I am on puredyne cc (ubuntu 9.04)

    thanks for the kick in the right direction

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  • damaru

    That's pretty sweet - the soundscape is really wide - I am a beginner in puredata and wasn't aware of the quality of the sound that could be output.

    Did you mixed the flute with PD in an outside daw or is it all trough pd ?

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  • damaru

    so files are in the right place - I removed the information from the .pdrc just to make sure - the path is the right one in the path window in pd, I remove the moolib from the binaries startups - but can't make a moonlib/mknob object :(

    In the boot window it also doesn't list that it has loaded the moonlib... are you sure there is nothing to be put in the startup setting ?

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  • damaru

    was that fixed - same issue here

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