• cyberb0b

    I have created my first complete PD template.
    And its working almost fine.

    I still have a problem that i do not get fixed.

    How can i send data when i release a toggle button?



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  • cyberb0b

    Hmm i am trying, but did not had that much luck yet.

    What i am trying to do is fake an toggle state.

    I have a button that lits up an led when i press it the first time. Then it sends 127 to midiyoke. When i press that button again, it sends 0 to midiyoke.

    To correctly interface with the software i am using it with. This toggle button needs to send 127 when i press the button, and when i release the button.

    The software i use does not have feedback of midi, and i like to see the status of the leds, cause then i dont need to watch my monitor.

    PS. I just troed it, but i dont seem to get it working.

    in the current output i need to press 2x to activate or deactivate the function.

    current =

    [OSCroute /toggle4 ]

    • |
      [ctlout 54 1]

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