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    Yes, you're right. I'll have to find a way not to do that. Don't have a clue about how to, but I'll find it. Thanks!!

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    Hi there! I just have a little issue with a thing I'm working on for university.
    What I'm trying to make is a beat machine using reacTIVision to select which sounds/samples are going to be played. I'll post an image for better understanding.


    What I do in every [pd areaX] is to check if the "fiducial" used in reacTIVision is in that area of the screen (it would simulate having activated the channel) in two ways. The first one is using an array and saving a 1 (true) or a 0 (false) into the index which corresponds to that area, and the second one is storing that value into a [value vX] object, to later activate the channel that plays the sound in a sequence.


    Here we see the "clock" in which the sequencer works. It starts counting when the patch is loaded and sends a bang into the [value vX] object to turn on/off the toggle if the channel is activated.

    The thing is neither of those two ways actually works. Whenever I try to put more than 2 channels activated, the second one would turn off the first one and so on... and the same with the array, when I try to save a value into an 'X' index it would delete the indeces' value previously written (not the same index, any other).

    I've been thinking a way to solve that because I don't think there's a way that PD solves it for me, instead I'll have to find I way to make it solve. Does any of you guys have a clue? any kind of idea will be accepted and apreciated. Thanks a lot! cheers!

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