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    hi all! accidentally found this post just now and thought i will quickly say hi=) and say a few words about desiredata too.

    desiredata is a joint effort of Mathieu Bouchard (http://artengine.ca/matju/) and me (goto10). and so far, matju has been doing most of the work on the server side and the infrastructure (ie, the objective tcl system in the client) while i implement stuff for the new client. and, actually, its not event in beta yet, its still in the pre release stage the latest one being pre5.

    there is currently a irc channel for talking about dd on irc.freenode.net channel #desiredata. please feel free to drop by and talk/suggest things.

    one important thing is that dd is *not* just about the new gui/look. the new gui/look is kind of like the by product of what we have done (and unfortunately the most visible part). i mean, dd is still a blank canvas but with the difference that as a user, its more flexible to use and one can use it the way you like. also, you don't have to use dd with gui if you don't want to.

    hum, that's more than a few words....;)



    ps. yes, i would def imagine that one dd is useable/stable, it will be in pure:dyne

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