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    In Max/MSP, you can set a message's content by sending it to the right inlet. In pd, at present, [prepend set] and sending that to the left inlet works, but the console warns that [prepend] is considered deprecated, and that one should use [list prepend] instead. Then you have to use [list trim] to remove the 'list' from the start.

    If a pd user wants to store a message, and then send it with a bang, in Max/MSP this is done via a single object. With pd, and with prepend being deprecated, and list requiring trim, what can be done easily with a single message in Max/MSP now requires a message and two objects, and wiring them together.

    Is there some reason why storing and forwarding messages this way is considered bad practice? And what should I be doing? (I'm porting some Max patches to pd at the moment.)

    And out of curiosity, how hard would it be to modify pd so that messages have a right inlet which functions as a shortcut for ([list prepend set] -> [list trim] -> first inlet of message)?

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