• cdriko


    I'm using pd from the installer (version 0.39.2-extended-test5)

    gem 0.91-cvs

    qt 6.5

    when I'm using pix-mix, pix_add or pix_composite
    everytime, the right-inlet video image is vertical flipped

    if I put before a vertical pix_flip object, the flip alterning on/off

    strange problem not ?

    the only solution that I've found for the moment, is to do the composite in 3D
    but the openGL window is not recordable in QT (with pix_record)

    so, it's that I want to do

    does anybody get the same problem? or , better, a solution ?

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  • cdriko

    there's the pix_record object
    only record .mov, without sound

    You have to record the sound separatly and resynchronise it after

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  • cdriko


    choose the
    (version 0.39.2-extended-test5)

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