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    Hi @EEight,

    I studied the maths about signal theory, DSP, buffers, filters, ... I worked on a texas instrument card and codecomposer. Even if it was a few years back, I still have some notions of that. My troubles comes when i tried to applied that on pd, i am not even working on the pi already.

    What i tried to do is : Input~ => dBA weighting filter => SPL + calibration => Leq 1 sec => storage => Leq 15mn
    I was wondering is someone has ever done something similar....

    I am currently at the first step with the dBa filter which is a IIR filter. I tried with fexpr~but without success (dBa_IIR2.pd. The next idea is to use FIR filter so i need to convert the coefficients via prony's method.

    I thought using that distribution for the pi [http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/8476/raspi-wolfsonaudiocard-and-pd], is it better with a RT-kernel ? (sorry for the newbie question)


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    Hello pd community!

    I am actually doing a project involving a raspberry pi and pure-data, the aim is to create a sound level meter that calculate the equivalent level of the sound in dB (A-weighted). Basically, it is just a stockage of the level every seconds and ponderate on a 15mn basis. [if you don't know what is it : http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/equivalent-sound-level-d_721.html]. The input~ will be provided via the wolfson audio card and the calculation on pure-data.

    I started to create my patch but i struggle a lot, i would like to know if anyone would know existing patches that are used for that application : sound level meter, dbA filter, level stockage, any acoustics measurements,....

    Anything could help

    Thanks in advance!

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