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    Hi all, I have been trying to spend some time working with tuio and pure data to see some visualizations with reactivision or the java simulation. I can confirm the simulation is working, but pd seems to be having some problems. I should mention I am on os x and using Pd-0.40.3-extended-20080117 built for intel mac. Gem is loading properly when I start (v.91) and I have TuioClient.pd_darwin in my /Library/Pd folder, which is in the path for pd. I try loading Visual_patch.pd, downloaded from here: http://www.skanskgardsost.se/puredata/downloads.html but receive the following error in my pd console:

    lia2D $1-lia 0 10 2.5 1
    ... couldn't create
    masse2D $3-masse 50 $1 $2 -3.8 3.8 -3.8 3.8
    ... couldn't create

    I;m still very new to all of this and would really like to learn more. Its been over a week trying to get this to work, so I guess its time for a forum post :)


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