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    @alexandros Thank you for your reply. Will get to it as soon as i leave work.

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    I am a long time max user that got fed up with it and decided to switch to Supercollider and PureData.

    I am asking for some advice or perhaps some example patches from which to learn and implement a fft based filter i once made with max (i no longer have the patch nor a max installation to see how i implemented it).

    The filter does the following:

    Audio comes in -> FFT object -> audio is split in a predetermined amount of bands (0-100, 100-300, 300-800 ...) and the frequencies where changeable with a gui controller. Each band had amplitude changed to a value determined by another gui controller -> IFFT (one output per band)

    Can someone point me in the right direction to implement this in pure data or perhaps if a similar patch which i can modify in order to achieve this filtering? I never really could understand all these FFT things.



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