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    @alexandros Hi, thank you for the tip! Oh, this was that easy- O-o;;

    @whale-av I won't investigate more on my case, but I strongly feel like this was my case. It wasn't prepended by 'symbol'. Good to know. This would be useful later. Thanks.

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    I know that this is very old thread but I also reached here yesterday so I think this might be useful to someone like me!

    I am using MobMuPlat(=MMP) + Pd and MMP can get user string input and Pd also can receive it.
    If I type sth. like -34.123456 then Pd also can get it but in string not as a number!

    To convert this back to a proper floating point number, I have managed to implement a working object for my situation.

    Hope this help someone else in the future.


    It is using [list symbol] to get series of numbers first, and detect characters one by one to do needed actions with several variables ([expr]), and then finally spits out integral part & fractional part.

    Happy patching!

    BTW, this is my first post to the Pd community.
    I really love Pure Data.
    Thank you for making it & supporting it !


    Dooho Yi

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