• apple-like_fruit

    @alexandros I had checked it, but apparently i had an old version in which there was no chapter about FT
    @solipp I totally forgot about the example patches....this happens again and again
    thank you both for your replies
    I think will find what I need in those resources

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  • apple-like_fruit

    Hello pd-community,
    does anybody know some good & detailed Pd tutorial on the fft objects?
    I know its a rather advanced topic, but i'm confident that I can handle it.
    The general idea & mathematics of FFT or DFT are not the problem but the application in Pd is what frustrates me.
    I have read the tutorials by Johannes Kreidler, but i dont think its nearly enough knowlege
    for making my own fft-patches.
    I also think I'm lacking of examples & inspirations for fft-patches.
    I know its a very powerful tool, but really don't know what to do with it musically
    (except looking at spectra :smile: ).

    I hope somebody can help me
    have a nice day & greetings from austria

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