http://musigen.unical.it is a new portal focus on Generative Music created and promoted by the Evolutionary System Group at University of Calabria - Italy.
    The main aim of this portal is to create a virtual community of people interested in generative music to share knowledge and promote discussion about theories and practices related to this topic.
    The portal provides music, documentation, software and resources created and developed in the last years by the researches that have been carried out at Evolutionary System Group about Chaos, Complexity and Generative Music.
    We hope to widely expand the range of resources and applications collected with the contribution and the support of all the interested people.
    At the time the portal is only in Italian language, but we are planning to create also an English version in few time.

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  • ALON

    Hi all

    I'm working on a generative music system. My system creates a stream of midi notes that I can play through any midi synth.
    The problem is that some times the system plays a note that is still playing and this create an unwanted sound effect (like a very short - staccato note).

    I trying to figure out how to solve the problem!
    I think I need to know what are the notes the system is playing at every time, so I can check if every new note the system is going to play is similar or different from those notes.

    Do you know if exist any externals or patches to solve this problem?

    Do you have any idea about how to solve this problem?


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  • ALON

    I'm trying to synchronize Jack transport and PD.
    I need to sync a pd patch with a drum loop running on Hydrogen in order to have the same BPM and to share the same transport control (start, stop....)
    Do you have any idea about how to do this?


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  • ALON

    Than you for the suggestions!

    Also my first idea was to create a list of notes playing, but the management of the list seems to me quite complicate in comparison to the real complexity of the problem.

    I will try the simple way to send a note off message before every note on.
    The drawback here is that I will send a lot of useless note off messages because the problem occurs not very often.

    But I need to solve it because its musical inconsistency is very annoying.

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  • ALON

    After searching for a while I found a very interesting PD object:


    (The code is available at http://artdent.homelinux.net/svn/jack_transport~/ )

    it's very useful for my application. It can have in PD information about the jack transport like:


    I use the command line application jack_transport as master control to set the BPM and other tempo settings for the jack transport.
    Then i can finally synchronize PD and Hydrogen.

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  • ALON

    Linux User ++

    I use PD mainly under UBUNTU (8.04) and I think it works very well!!!

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