Krotos Ltd recently released an iOS version of our Dehumaniser software. The audio side of the app was made using Libpd, and we hope developed will be interested to see how the final app turned out.

Here is some more info:
The desktop version of Dehumaniser is an industry-standard vocal processor, recently used in the blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron and numerous other AAA Games titles and movies. Squeezing this pro-audio processing into an iOS app, Dehumaniser is as powerful as it is fun. In ‘Record’ mode you can record your processed voice, replay it or share it via social media or email. ‘Live’ mode processes your voice in real-time, transforming every word, growl or noise you make into a monstrous sound. ‘Echo’ mode takes your speech and echoes it a second later, great for scary duets or pranks! In ‘Camera’ mode you can record a video with your new monstrous voice and share it with family and friends. Dehumanise yourself with four specially designed creatures (the hideous Daemon, terrifying Goblin, gruesome Orc and mysterious Dark Elf)!

Watch a video demo of the app here:

Dehumaniser Lite is a free introduction to Dehumaniser, with limited functionality.
Dehumaniser is available for £1.49 from the App Store, with full functionality.

Check it out here on the App Store:

Please visit for videos and more information

Matt/Krotos Team