Uses [messageprepend] from Gridflow, although this can probably be replaced by any other prepend -- it is just used for prepending "list" to an "anything" so it can be used in a [message $1( .

The Problem

A limitation of the WAV file format and/or the file system that files are written on means files must be less than 2GB in size. When [writesf~] reaches that boundary, it crashes Pd, leaving the WAV file corrupt (it can be recovered by "Import Raw Data" in Audacity, so it isn't a total disaster). 2GB is about 1h45 of 2 channel 32bit float data, and it usually takes me that long to get into full flow and making great sounds, and then it crashes and I get very angry and shout rude words.

The Solution

My solution writes multiple files, a new one every N samples approximately. You can adjust N, the default splits files at around 800MB I think, the example in the help patch splits files at around 800KB so you can see it working.

How To Use

The Patches

[url= ]