I've been trying to get data to stream from a Pd patch running with the pd-extended engine to a libpd embedded engine and am having no luck.

I've tried using Olaf Matthes' netsend~ and netreceive~ objects, as well as the mrpeach library's udpsend~ and udpreceive~ objects.

What I find is that if I load up the receiver patch in the pdextended engine, the data will connect and flow fine, but if I load up the receiver patch in the embedded libpd engine, the sender will connect, but no data will flow. I've verified it's connecting to the libpd's patch by closing the program running the embedded engine and watching the connection break, but no matter what the data won't flow, and debug prints I put in the patch make it seem like the connection is never getting established (for example, when using udpreceive~ it reports a format type of unknown and 0 received packets).

Is there some compatibility issue with using networking patches in libpd as opposed to the full up pd engine?