This is a continuation of my thread: hard sync a wave file / wavetable to a frequency?

I've solved my needs for hardsyncing acoustic waves, but I now require one additional tool to avoid unwanted wave distortions/artifacts. What I need to do is to take a wav file (let's say an hour long) and isolate a number of frequencies bands. I am essentially isolating harmonics. Assume I am trying to isolate individual harmonics of a 100hz saw wave. The acoustic waves I will be working with will be very similar to that (in perfect tune, no noise, etc.) for example:

a frequency band of 70hz - 120hz to capture a harmonic at 100hz

a frequency band of 160hz - 240hz to capture a harmonic at 200hz


all the way up to a harmonic at 10,000hz

Haven't used PD much. Any help is appreciated. I at least would like to know if this is possible with PD. I am not familiar with the FFT objects.

-Assuming there is no noise in the wave file, will the harmonics come out as nice pure sine waves without clicks, buzzes, etc?

-I need to export wav format as 32bit and anywhere from 96khz to 512khz sample rate. Each band must be its own wav file.

Thank you!