Hello all,

I am getting back into pd after a bit of a break, being caught up in school and working. Coming back to this lovely program I am reminded of something that has always bothered me, that is the default hotkeys set for creating a new object, message, number box, etc.

I wish that it were, and please forgive my comparison, a bit more like MAX in this sense. So that one only had to press say 'N' for instance and a new blank object box would be created. Is there any way this can be implemented into pd currently by editing some sort of files or config text?

I am hoping that it can be done in pd as I do not wish to use services such as AutoHotkey as that adds just another running task to my computer, as well as something that must be started and stopped as pd is opened and closed.

Basically I am looking for a way to edit certain key combinations within pd, much like one would be able to in an fps or computer game, is this doable in pd currently?

Thank you! :)