Hi Guys,

I'm building an android application, and I want to find the good balance in my output sound so I need a few advices.

I've implemented this signal flow :

[soft leveler~]
[soft clipper~]

except that before the [+~] object I 've got 8 sources coupled to eight disto. The source is actually an oscillator controlled by a spring simulation so dynamics have their importance in this app.

the speaker from my phone has a high tendancy to saturation when I engage many springs with wide oscillations (wether it's fine with headphones). I want to keep the sound as clean as possible even with the built-in speakers ...

does anyone has advices, could mention things I haven't done right ?
Should I use a compressor or more of a limiter ?

I'm also experiencing some strong Fletcher effect with those speakers, does anyone know of a vanilla dynamic eq being able to correct this on the fly ?

Any advice or tips about mastering on pd may be valuable too. :)