This is my first post so would be good to hear what you think.
Improvements/adjustments are welcome.

Not intended/expected to replace iTunes or anything, but I designed it as a means to test multiple loudspeaker setups...

  • The patch plays the audio files in a pre-determined order
  • Custom routing is available (i.e. you can route each audio file to a different output)
  • The idea is that you hit play, and audio file plays.
    For example, Track 1 plays: "Surround Left speaker", Track 2 plays: "Surround Right speaker" etc... Assuming you have routed it correctly, each track is played out through the correct speaker.
    Custom routing is not required, of course. The patch works just fine for a single dac~ output.

I have used many comments inside each sub patch to help explain what is happening, however any questions are welcome and thoughts for improvements etc...