my collection on more or less shareable stuff
i think msia3 and perk-eso3string may be the most interesting ones... and maybe keykontrol if someone gets what it does

its all the most recent versions so maybe some things in abstractions i put on here may have changed

ana-h10* is the h10 example as an abstraction

filewriter~ is for easy saving as .wav it has a build in clock and adds time and date to the filename specified by argument 1

keykontrol can make your keyboard into a theremin
the key-split's are unfinished and not standardised. they split the keyboard into different layouts

mono-freqshift does frequency shifting
the F version tries to prevent reflections at 0hz or the nyquist

mono-gate is a complex gate with 3 inlets~
see help file

msia3 is my latest version of the oto-krümel patch. array based so it only works from -2 to 2 and it did give only ~ 10-20% performance improvement

oscil~ is a simple ugly stereo oscilloscope

perk-eso3string is a plucked string synth with 3 strings. basically a karplus strong, but extremely cpu hungry! If you can optimise it you are welcome.
Also i can't figure out if there is some usefulness in the feedback between different strings (Xfeed)

syn-wobbel do you remember mr oizo?

--- unfinished ones
arrayclip~ a complex wave shaping abstraction

beatshuffle a abstraction to confuse an audio stream

comments, suggestions, improvements (performance!), money, pron, death threats and viagra are welcome

the different files are redundant