If someone wants to implement midi, by accident i let the scrollbar set to 0-127 range ;-). The rest is just buttons.
Anyway, i already planned to "OSCfy" it... there's room for it.
Also integrating it to your performance or composition setup is very easy, really.
Man could also integrate the gui very easily (bypassing the "popup" feature).


  • 2009.06.02: 0.2.1
    Added some info for Window$ users into the help file.
    Added a "save bookmarks" button, thanks to PULSED solution on this thread:

  • 2009.05.10: 0.2
    To save the bookmarks, you have to open the gui abstraction inside the popup window and save it, not just save the window as stated earlier in the doc.

Also removed a unwanted call to a non-existing abstraction.