Swamps Up Nostrils (me), Audun Eriksen, Animal Machine and Torstein Wjiik are going on a small european tour, I will (mostly) use Pure Data for my live sound mischief, so if any of you forumers are nearby any of the dates/places pelase stop by and say hello and tell me how much my gig sucks compared to the rest of the guys playing! ;)

23. nov : Sound Of Mu, Oslo, Norway
25. nov: Danz, Regensburg, Germany
26. nov: Klub Moozak, Vienna, Austria
28. nov: TBA, Barcelona, Spain
29. nov: MEM festival, Bilbao, Spain
1. dec: TBA, belgium
5. dec??: TBA, Tilburg, Holland
7. dec: MIR, Oslo, Norway