Hi~ I have a new hardware prototype built and looking to hire patch designers and c/c++ devs for making some changes to PD.

Ideally we could meet, video or otherwise, once a week (likely more) to decide on the landscape of this synth and how pure data is involved.

Hire means pay! IDEALLY the contributors would be part of a strong team and at first (up to you) perhaps do contract work but this is a minimum 5 year project with multiple iterations and to completely sign on would move things forward tremendously and get everyone paid to do what they already love doing.

Please contact me here or via; apoksypro aaatt proton dot me if you're interested and we can sort details!

We're all super excited, nothing like it exists atm and so birthing this into the world will be fun. There's alot more under the hood but first things first. Structure and money are involved so there's... well... structure :) and the idea is to do new and interesting things in new and interesting ways. Cleanse, fold4wrap5 and manipulate PD and hardware. Expert knob twiddlers who want to reniform puls a Sunshine Recorder through the Galaxy Garden, Let's go!