I threw this together a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a nice and useful saturation source.

The theory and implementation is based on the hysteresis emulation in Jatin Chowdhury's CHOW Tape plugin as presented in this article https://dafx2019.bcu.ac.uk/papers/DAFx2019_paper_3.pdf .

The code is then founded on ggee's moog~, because i'm pretty much clueless in C# and needed a starting point.

I'm not sure how to give "proper" credits so i hope this doesn't step on any toes.

There are also some 'original' parts to this so I will claim some credit. It took a lot of trial and error to find the best interpolation and filtering methods and to make it stable and sonically pleasing. I think about 500+ builds after all was said and done..
NOTE* This is fairly stable but i've noticed that it can get a bit upset sometimes and need a reset right after loading a patch. Don't know whats up with that but you can work around it by, for example, using 'threshold' to trigger a reset.

It's only tested on OSX but the makefile should work on other systems.. Just navigate the terminal to the correct folder and "make hysteresis~"
and you should be GTG.


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