Don't know what to call this really. I put this together to prevent unwanted control changes after loading presets. A useful utility for hardware-controlled patches with presets.

-Inlet 1 passes control signal to the outlet.
-A bang to inlet 2 activates the temporary threshold/gate.

After activated, no control changes will pass through until a change that exceeds the threshold value is registered. (Relative to the control value at activation).

-(optional) Set threshold through inlet 3. Default is 10.

*Control signal through inlet 1 is at 50 when gate gets activated with a bang to inlet 2 (threshold set at default value, 10).
*Values of 41-59 will not pass through.
*A control signal <=10 or >=30 opens the gate.
*After the gate is opened, the control signal passes through until another bang is sent to inlet 2.
Skärmavbild 2021-02-17 kl. 17.32.10.png

If there is already an abstraction or external out there that does this in a better way please let me know :)

Noticed a possible source or errors, if the 'float-box' were to send its value to the hot inlet of the 'subtraction-box' before it does the cold inlet. Not a problem on my system but this might be safer with a trigger to make sure..