Here's a new release of [vstplugin~] - a Pd external to load VST plugins on Windows, macOS and Linux!

Binaries are available on Deken or can be downloaded here:

If possible, please report any issues at, otherwise leave a comment.

NOTE: macOS users might consider using my Pd vanilla fork, where the VST GUI doesn't run on the audio thread. You can download binaries here: It is the same as Pd 0.51-1, but it offers the option to run a Cocoa event loop. Maybe this feature will make its way into a future version of Pd vanilla.

Here are the major new features:

  • automatic bit bridging (load 32-bit plugins on a 64-bit Pd and vice versa).

  • [open(: new flags "-p" for sandboxing and "-b" for bridging. Both options allow plugins to crash safely without taking down the Pd. This can be handy for buggy/unstable plugins (especially during live shows :-)

  • [open(: new "-t" flag for multithreading (process plugins in seperate helper threads to utilize more CPU cores)

  • [latency( message is sent whenever the plugin's processing latency changes

See the release page for the full change log.

Have fun!