Hi, ofelia v1.0.8 is now available.
You can use GEM with ofelia thanks to Arnaud Courcelle who created [ofGemwin] and [ofGemhead] abstractions.
Please try out "ofelia/examples/gem/main.pd" to learn how to use GEM with ofelia. I've only tested this on macOS by the way.
Also, I added some utility objects for creating message and file opening/saving dialogs.
You can find these objects inside [pd system] subpatch in UTILS section of "ofelia/help-intro.pd".


  • added [ofGetFboTexID] and [ofGetImageTexID]
  • added GEM abstractions and example to the "examples/gem" directory
  • added ofRectangle related objects and help files
  • renamed [ofGetDollarArgs] to [ofGetCanvasArgs]
  • added [ofSetCanvasArgs], [ofRemoveCanvas], [ofGetCanvasIndex]
  • added [ofKeyCodeListener]
  • added ofSystemUtils objects and help files

Upcoming features:

  • Video player and grabber
  • SVG loader
  • GUI abstractions
  • Raspberry Pi support

More info about ofelia: https://github.com/cuinjune/ofxOfelia