• Déléo

    Thanks everyone for your replies, my patch works now !

    ...Except that my console still send me a "stack overflow" error every time the chord changes :^/

    But the patch works anyway, so should I worry about it ?


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  • Déléo

    @bocanegra Ok, I see ! I thought that the flush would not apply for a period of time, and just work as a bang, so that would explai the stack overflow. Thank you !

    I'll try to use the [f] object. Does it work as a gate for the number ? When a bang hit the [f] the number is released ?

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  • Déléo

    (First of all, I am french, so there may be grammatical mistakes)

    Hello ! I'm new to this forum and a complete beginner with pure data. I'm studying sound engineering, and our professor taught us the very fondementals of Pd, and ask us to make a patch that involves music, so I tried to create an auto-composition I.A. Basically, it's just a loop where the previous chord determines the next one with probabilities, nothing too fancy. On the left of the patch, we have the creation of the sound with the fundamental, the big web on the right is the determination of the next chord, and on the top, I'm currently trying to implement a way to choose when the next chord will play on a beat, using the interface on the bottom left.

    So what I was thinking to do was to "block" the loop with a very long pipe, so what was considered the next chord had to wait for the current chord to finish playing. To know when to finish playing, I wanted to have Pd check every column of the tab, and if the value is above the line, send a "flush" to the pipe, releasing the next chord and block the one that comes next.

    Unfortunaly, if I connect the flush to the pipe, Pd crash, and my computer doesn't appreciate at all.

    Am I missing something ? I am creating some sort of larsen when I connect the pipe ?

    Thanks for the help !patch.png

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