Hi guys

I'm pretty new to using Pure Data but I am absolutely loving it! It is a very intuitive system for code novices like myself to learn!

I recently endeavored to create a video mixer using Pure Data and GEM with an Arduino interface (please have a look at the project page located here; https://www.behance.net/gallery/16942195/VideoCaos-Visualiser-Interface) but encountered a few problems that are out of my technical knowledge to be able to debug.

The key issue that I encountered was that the current patch is too CPU intensive and tends to crash. I have attached the patch I used to run the program so if anyone would like to have a look and suggest where I could improve that would be amazing! It would be great to get this design to a point where it is stable enough to run the Arduino and Pure Data setup for live performances, so some advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you very much in advance!